Sinterklaas optocht to go ahead with updated Piet

On Saturday, 13 November, Sinterklaas along with his colourful companion roetveegpiet (chimney sweep Piet), will moor in Maastricht. The appearance of the Piet character has been updated in Maastricht in response to protests and discussion on blackface in the Netherlands.

In accordance with current Covid regulations, Sinterklaas will not be received on Kesselkade by the burgemeester and neither will there be any welcoming activities as is usual for the day. Sinterklaas, however, will ride his horse Amerigo through the city instead. The organisers Sinterklaas in Maastricht have requested that onlookers should spread out over the extra-long route that Sinterklaas will take and, where possible, observe the 1.5 m distance rule. Children and their parents who want to meet Sinterklaas at the Stadhuis have been asked to bring a QR code and to wear a face covering.