Long-sought Scottish criminal arrested in Maastricht

According to provincial news broadcaster 1Limburg, a 57-year-old Scotsman who was wanted internationally and who had been on the British list of most wanted criminals for thirteen years, has been arrested by an arrest team in Maastricht.

By using false and stolen passports, the criminal managed to avoid justice for years.

The Scot is suspected of large-scale drug trafficking and production, possession of firearms and money laundering. The drug trade is said to involve an amount of 11 million pounds, about 13 million euros.

The suspect was already arrested by the arrest team in early October, but the arrest was only announced on Tuesday. Shortly before that, Limburg police's Internationale Rechtshulp Centrum received information from the UK's National Crime Agency – NCA that the man might be in Maastricht. This was confirmed after an investigation by the police, NCA and a British Foreign Liaison Officer.

The suspect has been handed over to the Openbaar Ministerie (Netherlands Public Prosecution Service), pending extradition to the UK.