Landbouwbelang happy with nomination as national monument

Landbouwbelang says it is pleased with the application recently submitted by Bond Heemschut heritage association to the Rijksdienst voor Cultureel Erfgoed (State Department for Cultural Heritage).

Bond Heemschut, also on behalf of Werkgroep Industrieel Erfgoed Limburg (Limburg Industrial Heritage Working Group), Stichting Nederlands Erfgoed Kranen (Dutch Cranes Heritage Foundation) and Stichting Science and Industry (Science and Industry Foundation), wants the cranes of Landbouwbelang, and with them the entire location, to be regarded as national monuments.

The 'Culturele Vrijplaats' hopes that this will mean the salvation of the 'Cultural Free Zone' if Landbouwbelang can also be seen as a cultural heritage site.

Landbouwbelang is very concerned about a tender recently issued by Gemeente Maastricht for the area. A major point of frustration is the fact that no conditions have been set for the social functions that are to be established in the area. According to Landbouwbelang, the functions that they are currently fulfilling are excluded in the proposed situation. This is due to competition with the surroundings, which also questions the conditions regarding a proposed heritage site. Although the tender mentions the (re)use of valuable buildings as an advantage and is also tested by a Welstands en Monumentencommissie, Landbouwbelang considers this too non-committal. In their opinion, there should be strict requirements for the preservation of heritage.

Due to the high price (minimum €18 million) and the complexity of the proposed urban development, it is impossible for Landbouwbelang to tender for the project itself.  The community, which will soon be celebrating its 20th anniversary, has plans to develop 4,500 m2 for the area and hopes – so it says – for good cooperation with investors and goodwill in politics. The City Board will take a decision in the spring of 2022.