First Klimaatburgemeester in Maastricht – Rob Römgens

Rob Römgens (39) may call himself Gemeente Maastricht's first Klimaatburgemeester (Climate Mayor). The Ministerie van Economische Zaken en Klimaat – EZK (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy) announced this last week as the start of Nationale Klimaatweek (link in Dutch). Rob's aim is to inspire the residents of Maastricht to commit themselves to a better climate.

In the past few weeks, a total of 142 Klimaatburgemeesters from 101 municipalities were signed up. Rob was one of them. With his honourable appointment, he hopes to inspire other residents of Maastricht to also do something for a better climate. It can be something big or small. Cheap or expensive. From solar panels on the roof to less food waste. Or a sustainable action in the street or with  neighbours. Rob is very concerned about the climate and hopes that his sustainable example will encourage people in his immediate vicinity to take action.

Rob Römgens has set up his own initiative with Swip Swap (link in Dutch), where children can donate toys and participate in a circular economy.

"It is my personal mission with Swip Swap to create a fantastic world for young and old where behavioural change can take place in a gradual manner. A hotbed where the solutions for the transition to a circular economy are born."