Dutch Kabinet considering re-introducing social distancing

The Dutch Kabinet are considering re-introducing regulations to reduce the number of Covid infections. According to national public service broadcaster NOS this is what outgoing minister De Jonge has said after consultation with the Kabinet. The number of people ending up in hospital with Covid has increased much faster than expected, according to the minister.

De Jonge does not yet want to say what measures will be taken. The Kabinet is first waiting for advice from the RIVM's Outbreak Management Team – OMT. This was supposed to come next Friday 05 November, but has been brought forward according to De Jonge.

Next Tuesday, 02 November the Kabinet will hold another press conference at which any additional measures will be announced. That is a few days earlier than planned: the Kabinet initially wanted to hold a press conference on Friday 5 November.

The press conference will be broadcast (in Dutch) on provincial and national media, and can be followed on all NOS television, radio and online channels.

As always we will cover the press conference and publish translations of the official statements from Rijksoverheid as soon as the press conference is finished. If any of the announcements are not clear or you struggle to find further information, please send us a DM.