UM conducting research on short tempers

Feelings of frustration, anger and irritation; we all suffer from it to a greater or lesser extent. It only becomes a problem if we lose our self-control very quickly in situations and sometimes even react aggressively to the people around us. We usually describe this quick propensity for angry or aggressive behaviour as a "short fuse". Maastricht University is conducting research into the treatment method of people with a short fuse.

But when do you have a short fuse? According to researcher Martijn van Teffelen, people with a short fuse have a hostile way of interpretating conflict. When someone in the supermarket bumps into them, they are more likely to think that it was intentional. However, according to Van Teffelen, anger is a healthy emotion. And it also has a function, because it allows you to indicate your limits. Unless you have a short fuse and this causes problems within your work or relationship. During the research, subjects learn to train their self-control, among other things. The university is still looking for test subjects, men and women between the ages of 18 and 60 who can fill in questionnaires from home. You can participate via, and the reward is not only advice on training one's self-control but also a reward of 35 euros.