Survey in Germany shows support for ditching Christmas lights

Germany's international broadcaster Deutsche Welle has reported figures on survey conducted by YouGov on behalf of Deutsche Presse-Agentur – DPA, where it transpires that a total of 57% of respondents said they would reduce Christmas lighting or even do without it in the future.

11% said they would make do without any lights this year due to climate concerns, while 10% said they would do so in the future. However 35% said turning off the lights was not an option for them.

Other climate focussed initiatives stemming from our eastern neighbour such as "The Christmas Trees for the Forest" initiative aims to save threatened woodlands during the festive season by encouraging residents to donate a Christmas tree to the forests — instead of cutting one down.

"Buy trees instead of gifts," insists Swiss-based Bergwaldprojekt (Mountain Forest Project). The organisation wants to bolster native forests that have suffered an unseasonably long and dry summer — due in part to climate change.

Despite the fact that traditional Christmas tree plantations are also struggling to survive this year, 27 million trees will be cut down and decorated in homes across Germany.

What are your environmental concerns this festive season in Maastricht?