Yuppie apartments in Sphinxkwartier

The concept dates back to the 1980s, but they still exist: young urban professionals, or the yuppies – new graduates or young starters on the labour market. There are now 151 homes in the Sphinxkwartier project directly aimed at this group in our society.

Developers 3W and the RO Group are building the houses, there are two phases to construction during which three new residential blocks will be erected.

The first phase must be completed in the spring of next year with the construction of 91 studios. These are more luxurious studios for single-person households, with their own toilet, bathroom, bedroom and living / kitchen area, all less than fifty square metres. Regular apartments of 70 to 80 square metres will be built in another block. There are also plans to expand the Sphinx-Noord site with houses and an underground parking garage, the latter being necessary with the arrival of Loods 5, arthouse movie theatre Lumière, organic produce and coop supermarket Gedeelde Weelde and De Ruimte meeting space.