Holiday on Ice in Maastricht in 2020

Holiday On Ice will return to the Netherlands after four years at the end of 2020. Maastricht is one of the four cities that will host the show. The new, multi-year European tour of ice dance show is called "Supernova – Journey to the stars" and started in Germany last week.

The skaters showed their skills on the ice and even flew through the air. In addition to the talented skaters, a number of well-known artists also contribute to the show. Former olympic and world champion figure skater Robin Cousins is the creative director; Stefano Canulli, a designer for Valentino, designed the roughly four hundred costumes; and Stufish, known for live shows by Madonna and U2, among others, created the sets. Tickets for the show, which takes place at the MECC, will be on sale from next week.