Opzij magazine names Maastricht's Lilianne Ploumen as the most influential women in Dutch politics

According to the feminist monthly magazine "Opzij", Lilianne Ploumen is the most influential woman in politics in the Netherlands. That was announced yesterday in VondelCS in Amsterdam. Born and raised in Maastricht, Ploumen has been a minister of the Tweede Kamer for PvdA since 2017.

The Opzij award goes to a woman in politics or an organisation who has made a significant contribution to communication between politics, government and residents. Recently she has shown support for Stichting Nederlanders Buiten Nederland, an organisation that tackles the red tape and complicated legislation that Dutch people face when they immigrate to other countries.

Ploumen is also the initiator of SheDecides, a crowd-funding platform where funds are generated for sex education and safe abortion in developing countries. She started the platform in 2017 in reaction to Trump barring American aid to international organisations that discuss abortion as a family-planning option with clients. The Dutch ministry swiftly followed announcing a donation of 10 million euros to She Decides, and Belgium and Denmark followed with matching grants. At the beginning of 2018, Ploumen won the Machiavelli prize for SheDecides.

The name of the magazine, Opzij is a play on words, literally meaning "out of the way" but can also be loosely (cheekily) translated as "to her/she" (as in "to her health").