André Rieu donates 450,000 euros to give more children access to music education

To enjoy music, you don't have to be a world famous violinist and conductor like André Rieu. However learning an instrument helps, and preferably as early as possible. Maastricht born and raised Rieu wants to make this possible for more children in the Netherlands.

Due to the fact that music lessons are not always cheap, it is nevertheless important that every child should have the chance to learn to play an instrument. With this in mind, André Rieu has donated 425,000 euros to Jeugd Fonds Sport en Cultuur. The organisation facilitates access to sport and culture to families on lower incomes. With this amount, a thousand children can get access to music education for one whole year.

Rieu: "I would like to give these children the pleasure of making music. My orchestra members and I know how much fun it is to make music every day, and to make millions of people happy with music night after night. We were all given the chance to have music lessons since our childhood and were fortunate to learn how to play an instrument. So we may understand better than anyone else what it means, if you do not get that chance to be involved with music as a child.”

Musicians in André Rieu’s own sixty-piece Johann Strauss Orchestra range from ages 18-80, including some of the orchestra members' own children.

The Foundation will create an “André Rieu Fund”, and hopes to draw further sponsors with his generous gesture which will be taken over by another benefactor after the first twelve months.