Byeboere wins 20,000 euros to roll out initiative in Maastricht

The Byeboere initiative was awarded one of the prizes at the Onze Buurt competition. The volunteers of the neighbourhood project want the residents of Sint Maartenspoort to build a bee corridor of plants, flowers and hives together with beekeepers. With the prize money of 20,000 euros, that plan can be rolled out for longer periods of time and in several different neighbourhoods.

The Onze Buurt judging panel believes that Byeboere propagate their green and social ideals in a passionate way. Byeboere was the only Maastricht project that was nominated. The judging panel chose six finalists from 84 applications. Two of them received 20,000 euros for their idea, the rest were awared 3,000 euros each. Onze Buurt is organised by housing corporations across Limburg and receives support from Provincie Limburg and Oranje Fonds. The competition is meant to be an incentive for resident participation and to make a neighborhood or village more interactive and visually appealing.